Product Development & Design

Our strong design team have 5 UK and 3 local designers, to create and build up our own design ranges. The teams expertise in future trends and commercial viability will guide clients to collate ranges reflecting high fashion for their specific customer profile.
Trend Analysis and Sourcing

Our design team identify and interpret market trends across all accessory categories via local material markets ( metals, fabrics, Pus, trims ), comp shopping trips to international fashion destinations : London, Berlin, Spain, Milan, Stockholm and Seoul.
Sales and Account Management

Our sales and account managers manage accounts, they work closely with buyer and retailers designers, they establish two way partnership offering service to keep customers updated on the latest developments and drive all categories to their maximum potential and profitability.
Merchandising and Production

Clients are allocated a merchandising team to manage the production and critical path. Our long standing relationships with factory partners ensure smooth management of production processes, from quality of raw materials to expertise in packing and shipping.
Factory Audits

We understand the growing concern over worker’s human rights, the labor environment, social responsibility and ethics, that’s why we commit to support our production base to pass the audits. We have 1/3 of production factories which can meet the clients different audit needs (including but not limited to: BSCI, Sedex).